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tricho2.jpg (18kb)

The territorial Three Spot Gourami. (FEB 98) More Images

Name: Trichogaster trichopterus
Size pHGHTemp
Origin: Thailand, Borneo
15 cm 6.8 6 27oC

Three-Spot Gouramies are very hardy and pretty fish which can be readily found in several different color patterns, ranging from light to dark blue, yellow, pink and brown. Dispite the name, many of these have no spots at all. They're often sold to and chosen by beginners because of their hardiness, but they do have two points against this choice: first, they grow rather large (~15 cm) and may overcrowd smaller tanks. Second, the males tend to be very territorial and with their large size will often bully all the smaller fish, forcing them to stay hidden in some corner of the tank. This can be very frustrating to beginners, especially kids. The solution is to keep them in large, well planted tanks, or to keep only females. Sexing them is easy, since the male has a long and pointed dorsal (upper) fin, while the female's is short and rounded (as in the picture above). I find it quite disappointing that few employees in fish shops actually know this difference.