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tiger1.jpg 28kb)

The incredibly active Tiger Barbs. (FEB 98) More Images

Name: Puntius tetrazona
Size pHGHTemp
Origin: Sumatra, Borneo
6 cm 6.5 3 27oC

The Tiger Barb is one of the more widely kept members of the Barb family, especially because of its looks and behavior. They're small, very active, playful and usually not shy at all. One of the more well known traits of the Tiger Barbs is a tendency to "fin nip" on other fish. Long finned species such as Angels and Bettas are especially victimized. My experience has been that this behavior can be avoided if you keep them in small groups (5 or more). In this case they spend most of the time chasing each other around and tend to leave the other species alone. Lonely tiger barbs, on the other hand, seem to feel bored or insecure and start fin nipping as some sort of defensive instinct. A beautiful green strain and an albino variety are often available in fish shops.