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December '99

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somera1.jpg (22kb)

December '99 - Thiago Somera's 200L Reef Tank.

Once again I have the pleasure of featuring a marine tank in this section, an aspect of the hobby which I assume is lacking on the site, but will begin receiving more attention this incoming year. This month's beautiful Reef Tank is 3 years old and belongs to a personal friend of mine, Thiago Somera, a dedicated and talented aquarist who's coincidentally helping out with my own tanks' maintenance back at home, while I spend these months abroad. Therefore if he kills any of my fish I'll delete this page :-)

The setup's fish population includes 1 Purple Tang, 1 Yellow Tang, 1 Chelmon Butterfly, 1 Flame Hawk, 1 Japanese Wrasse and a few others. Among the corals are 2 types of Yellow Leather, Colt, Open Brain, and Turbinaria. There are also a few other invertebrates such as a Stenopus couple, a Tridacna derasa, and a several Starfish. Here's the technical data on the setup:

Dimensions - 100x40x50 cm.
Sump - None.
Actual Water Volume - 185 L.
Skimmer - Berlin HO w/ Mag 5.
Circulation - 2 Maxi Jet.
Lighting - 2x70W 10000K HQI and 2x30W actinics.
Live Rock - 20 kg from Guarapari - Brasil.
Denitrifying System - undergravel with 8 cm gravel.
Chiller - None.
Algae - Diatomaceous due to Guarapari rocks.
Salt - Red Sea.
Salinity - 1023ppm.
pH - 8.4 in general, not monitored.
Nitrate - Close to 0ppm.
Calcium and KH - Calcium 400ppm, KH 2.2meq.
Calcium and KH Supplement - Kalkwasser and Biocalcium.
Other Suplements - Combisan every 2 weeks.
Water Changes - 25% every month.
Electronic Monitoring - None.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

somera2.jpg (30kb)
Yellow Tang, Flame Hawk e Tridacna

Photos taken by Thiago Somera and displayed here with his permission.

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