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November '99

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Photos & Descriptions

jennifer1.jpg (27kb)

November '99 - Jennifer's 250 L Open-Top Planted Tank.

Everybody knows that abundantly planting an aquarium improves the beauty and quality of a setup. But what many aquarists overlook is the fact that it can also open up a whole new dimension to the hobby. Sure, the aquascaping and propagating of underwater plants is quite fun and rewarding, but most of the aquatic plants sold in fish shops are actually amphibian and, just like their fishy counterparts, they will promptly "breed" for you if given the proper conditions. In the aquatic plant world this will usually mean allowing a species to grow into its emmersed (above water) form, and then produce its own unique flowering, which can often be very unusually shaped, colored, and/or scented. The owner of November's tank, American hobbyist Jennifer Glover, presents us with a perfect example of how to explore this aspect of the hobby. Her beautiful 250 L aquarium has an open top and all the necessary equipment to ensure healthy plant growth. As a result, many of the species have reached the surface and displayed their flowers for her (and us) to admire. Jennifer keeps a thorough photo-record of the evolution of this setup at her aquarium site. Here's a brief description of the equipment used:

Dimensions:120x45x45 cm
Volume: 250 L
Stand:Solid Oak
Filtration:Eheim Professional Cannister filter, type 2228
Circulation:Regent Powerhead, 005097 grey
Lighting: Halogen shop light - 2x150 Watt bulbs (J type)
CO2 system:5 lb CO2 cylinder, regulator, solenoid, Buske-Aqualine CO2 reactor
Substrate: 150 lbs gravel, ~117 onces Substrate Gold
Fertilizers: Tetra Hilena Crypto and Flora Pride
Home-made power/control center

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jennifer2.jpg (11kb)
Aponogeton Flower

jennifer3.jpg (13kb)
Sagittaria Flower

Photos taken by Jennifer Glover and displayed here with her permission.

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