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April '99

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April '99 - Georg's 270 Liter Cichlid Tank.

Ever since this section began I've been wanting to display an African Rift Lake Cichlid Tank, a very popular choice especially among more advanced hobbyists. Oddly enough, there are very few full-tank images of these aquariums on the net, maybe because the rocky aquascape tends to be less relevant in comparison to the stunning beauty of the fishes themselves. Finally, last month I was lucky enough to receive this wonderful contribution by a very friendly Austrian hobbyist, Georg Mittenecker. His setup is a collection of several species which inhabit the rocky coasts of Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika.

The tank is 120x50x45 cm, or 270 liters. It has two filters, one inside the tank (Eheim 2252 for mechanical filtering and water movement, cleaned about every 2 months) and an Eheim 2228 outside the tank with siporax substrate for biological filtering (cleaned only once or twice in the first 1.5 years). Heating is 150 Watts, temperature is 27 Degrees Celsius. There are 3 neon lights with 23 W, but one is only switched on for 2 hours a day (too much algae otherwise), the others are on for 9.5 hours. Georg doesn't often measure most other parameters - but pH is around 7; overall hardness GH 6-7; carbon hardness KH 7; nitrite (NO2) less than 1 mg/liter, nitrate (NO3) about 50 mg/liter. He changes half of the water every 3 to 4 weeks. The tank was installed for the first time in August 1997, but when moving to a new place it was reinstalled in April 1998.

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Breakfast Feeding Frenzy

Photos taken by Georg Mittenecker and displayed here with his permission.

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