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March '99

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March '99 - Tom's 200 Liter Planted Tank.

There are many claims about the therapeutic value of aquariums. One thing's for sure: a beautifully planted aquarium is an extremely soothing vision and can calm down even the wildest little brat. Thus may testify the owner of this month's tank, British hobbyist Tom Cross. His wonderful creation is set up in the foyer of his parents' Nursery School (to the delight of numerous children) and has been running for about 10 months. It holds 200 liters, has 120 Watts of lighting, an Eheim 2215 cannister filter, and a DIY Yeast CO2 Reactor releasing one bubble per second directly into the cannister. Typical values for the water parameters are pH 6.8-7.4 and KH 8. There are about 25 types of plants currently in the tank, about 90 cm of various community fish, and 8 Algae Eating Shrimps that breed regularly in the tank.

Tom states that he spent ages fiddling with cannister injection CO2 systems, fairly costly and with limited success, then got on the net and found the recipe for instant home made CO2 and the growth since has been staggering. Streaming bubbles of oxygen glisten throughout the tank by the end of the day.

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Photos taken by Tom Cross and displayed here with his permission.

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