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February '99

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Photos & Descriptions

sergei2.jpg (23Kb)

February '99 - Sergei's Aquatic Creations.

This is the sort of happening that makes the internet and all the work of maintaining a website so rewarding. In January I was contacted by Sergei Chesheyko, a Russian professional artist/aquarist. He's a designer and producer of original aquarium systems for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and other places, having created about 70 unique freshwater aquariums over the past 4 years. February's "Tank of the Month" is actually three...a small sample of his wonderful work.

Sergei mentioned to me his desire to expand his activities outside of Russia, and would be very interested in any proposal to come work in an occidental country. Anyone interested please contact him by e-mail. I would be greatly pleased to have been of any help.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.
sergei3.jpg (18kb) sergei4.jpg (18kb)

Photos taken by Sergei Chesheyko and displayed here with his permission.

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