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January '99

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brian1.jpg (31Kb)

January '99 - Brian's 450 liter Reef Tank.

After a long series of freshwater tanks, I thought it was time to portray a marine aquarium again. This perfectly set up 120x60x60 cm3 Reef Tank belongs to american hobbyist Brian Pickavance, and should be a source of inspiration for anyone getting ready to dive into reefkeeping. The setup is about 18 months old. It includes 2 175W 10K Metal Halide Lights, 2 40W Actinic Lights, a 110 liter DIY sump, a 145 cm tall DIY Venturi CC skimmer powered by an Iwaki MD 40rlxt, an Iwaki MD30rlxt for circulation, and 4 powerheads on separate timers. Livestock includes 25 species of Corals, 7 species of Invertebrates and 10 species of Fish, all of which are photographed and displayed on his great website: Minnesota Reef. A must see!

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

brian2.jpg (16kb)
Centropyge loriculus

brian3.jpg (17kb)
Paracanthurus hepatus

Photos taken by Brian Pickavance and displayed here with his permission.

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