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November '98

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November '98 - Mauricio's 60 liter Angelfish Tank.

Due to a long trip abroad, I was unable to work on the site's activities for almost 4 weeks, so for November I'm displaying another tank from Mauricio P. Chagas, which I had already photographed. Beauty and Simplicity are once again the main features here. It's a well planted, 60x40x25 tank, which has been running for about 2 years. It's filtered by a UGF and a Whisper Mini, and has a total of 55 W daylight fluorescent lighting. Population is composed of 7 Angelfish and 4 Cory Cats. The plants in this tank make up a curious species divider, with the Angels hovering above them, and the Cories fussing around between the roots. Mauricio changes about 1/3 of the water every 2 weeks.

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Photo taken by Marcos A. Avila with permission of Mauricio P. Chagas.

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