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September '98

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vicente1.jpg (26Kb)

September '98 - Vicente's 360 liter Goldfish Aquarium.

Those who've been following this section may have noticed that I'm trying to diversify the selections as much as I can, in order to better represent the wide range of aquarium styles available in our hobby. For this month, I've chosen the good ol' Goldfish Tank, well represented by this nice 360 liter aquarium, set up in february '98 by Antonio Vicente Ambrosio, a good Brazilian net friend. I think it's safe to say that a significant number of hobbyists began with a simple goldfish bowl. From there, many of us move on to other species, but some are so fascinated by this little fish that they remain faithful to it, breeding and or collecting the many variants that have been developed over several millenia of selective breeding.

Vicente's tank is 120x50x60 cm3, filtered by an AquaClear 300 and a Wet-Dry filter, and lighted by one 30W Aqua-Glo fluorescent tube. Decorations include a couple of corals, volcanic rock, quartz, and a few Elodea's that seem to be doing well despite the low lighting. The tank population is made of a nice collection of Goldfish (Carassius auratus). Variants include 1 Panda, 1 Black Bubble-Eye, 1 Black Telescope, 1 Gold Pearl-Scale, 1 Silver Oranda, 1 Blue Oranda, 1 Black Oranda, 1 White Oranda, 1 Gold Oranda, 1 Gold Telescope Oranda, 1 Calico, 1 Red Cap, and 1 Common Goldfish.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

vicente3.jpg (13kb)
Black Bubble-Eye and Panda.

vicente4.jpg (16kb)
White Oranda.

Photos Antonio Vicente Ambrosio and displayed here with his permission.

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