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August '98

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Photos & Descriptions

jnanne1.jpg (20kb)

August '98 - Nanne's 2100 liter African Biotope Aquarium.

This awesome biotope aquarium was created in 1997 by Nanne de Vos, a veteran dutch aquarist. It is 3 meters long, 1 meter wide and 70 cm high, holding about 2100 liters. The setup emulates a small river bank in the high plateau of Cameroun, Africa. Noteworthy is the wonderful background, custom made by the owner himself. The special technique uses styrofoam cut and glued to form the desired shape, then burned and coated with sand to obtain the impression of a river bank. Details of this technique can be found here. The owner also built his own biological and mechanical filtration, which generates a 7500 l/h water stream across the tank. Typical water parameters are pH 5.5, GH 4.5, KH 2.5 and Temp 25oC. The sparse fish population includes Pelvicachromis cichlids, Synodontis catfishes, Elephant Noses and a few others. Plant population includes several Anubias and African Lotus.

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jnanne3.jpg (19kb)
Details of the left corner.

jnanne4.jpg (19kb)
Overhanging terrace with caves.

Photos Nanne de Vos and displayed here with his permission.

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