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July '98

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Photos & Descriptions

stvshar1.jpg (31kb)

July '98 - Steve & Sharon's 1400 liter Acrylic Tank.

Virtually everyone who's interested in fishkeeping dreams of some day having a really big tank, where you can keep some of those monster fishes you often see in cool fish shops. In february '98, Steve and Sharon (net friends from the Aquarium Discussion List) realized their dream and bought this wonderful aquarium. It's a 180x100x75 cm3 (72"x40"x30") acrylic tank, holding about 1400 liters (370 gal). The aquascaping is rather sparse, leaving a lot of swimming room for its huge inhabitants. These include 2 Red Pacus, 2 Oscars, 2 Red Finned Cigar Sharks, a Red-Tailed Catfish and 2 Pleco's, several of which are almost full grown. I highly recommend that you visit their website - The Fish Cube - to see some great pictures of this and several other tanks they maintain.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

stvshar2.jpg (18kb)
A few of their tankbusters.

stvshar3.jpg (20kb)
A Huge Pleco.

Photos taken by Steve & Sharon and displayed here with their permission.

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