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June '98

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mondo1.jpg (44kb)

June '98 - Mondo Sommerso's 300 liter Reef Tank.

This fantastic triangular reef tank is built into the corner of a great local fish shop, Mondo Sommerso. It has 1 meter sides and 40 cm height, totalling about 300 liters. Filtration is made with live rock, a Fluval 4 and a Skimmer, plus 3 powerheads for water circulation and a Mag Drive for a 1/4 HP Chiller. Lighting consists of a 150W HQI metal halide and 4x20W Marine-Glo fluorescent lamps. Population includes 4 Pterapogon kauderni, 3 Blue Demoiselles, 1 Amphiprion ocellaris, 1 Skunk Tile Goby, 1 Strip Goby, 1 Six Line Wrasse, 1 Monodactylus, 1 Yellow Coris, 1 Ospithognathus aurifrons, 2 Red Seahorses, 2 shrimps and a huge number of invertebrates. Setting up a tank like this would cost an estimated $3500 dollars.

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mondo2a.jpg (22kb)
Pterapogon kauderni

mondo3.jpg (20kb)
Amphiprion ocellaris

Photos taken by Marcos A. Avila, with permission of Mondo Sommerso.

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