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August '12

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August '12 - Collectible Fish: 4 Interspecies School Aquariums

Tetras, barbs, rasboras, rainbowfish and cories are the ideal fish groups for people who want to "collect" different types of fish without turning their tank into a fish salad or, worse yet, a battlefield. Within those five groups one can find a great variety of peaceful community species that get along very well within their own species and with similar ones. It's important to still keep at least 5-8 of each species though, so as long as your tank is large enough for the total population, collect at will!

08_Tetra_Tank_1.jpg (101kb)

Justin Hart - 340 L Tetra Aquarium - USA

A nice and natural decoration sets the stage for a collection of South American and African tetras.

08_Rainbow_Tank_1.jpg (88kb)

Victor Arriola - 380 L Rainbowfish Aquarium - Canada

Lots of driftwood and low light plants decorate the home of this collection of Australian and Polinesian rainbowfish.

08_Rainbow_Tank_2.jpg (95kb)

Bill Kaidbey - 350 L Rainbowfish Aquarium - USA

Another collection with several species of rainbowfish with a pinch of rasboras.

08_Rasbora_Tank_1.jpg (108kb)

Lauren Kuta - 40 L Rasbora Aquarium - USA

For this small setup an appropriate collection of small rasbora species has been chosen.

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Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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