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May '12

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05_Amazon_Tank_1.jpg (90kb)

May '12 - Eliseu Fernandes's 212 L Amazon Aquarium. (Portugal)

For May we feature a nicely set up aquarium from Portuguese hobbyist Eliseu Fernandes, who made good use of driftwood and undemanding plants to achieve a pleasant and low maintenance Amazon-inspired aquarium.

Owner:Eliseu Fernandes, from Portugal.
Dimensions:110x55x35 cm.
Volume: 212 L (nominal).
Filtration:1 Eheim 2026 Professional II canister filter + 1 Elite Jet-Flo 100 internal filter + 1 Aquapor AC-9600 air pump.
Lighting:3x30 W fluorescents: Aquastar, Sun-Glo and Power-Glo.
Heating:Elite 150 W + TetraTec 150 W.
Maintenance:15% weekly water changes, monthly filter cleaning.
Fauna:5 Discus (Red Diamond, Blue Diamond, Pigeon Red, Pigeon Yellow, Super Red), 1 Angelfish, 3 Rams and various Tetras, Cories and Plecos.
Flora:Echinodorus grisebachii, Anubias barteri var. nana.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

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Photos taken by Eliseu Fernandes and displayed here with his permission.

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