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April '12

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04_Tanganyika_Tank_1.jpg (61kb)

April '12 - Robert Mihalko's 395 L Tanganyika Aquarium. (Slovakia)

Our faithful Slovakian participant Robert Mihalko is back with another aquatic masterpiece. This time it's a Tanganyikan cichlid setup with an incredibly natural looking DIY styrofoam background!

Owner:Robert Mihalko, from Slovakia.
Setup:September 2010.
Dimensions:152x50x52 cm.
Volume: 395 L (nominal).
Filtration:DIY internal filters with biofoam TM 20 and TM 30 (12x12x30cm each, total 8.6 L) built into the background corners, run by 2x650 L/h water pumps.
Lighting:1x36 W Phillips Aquarelle T8 + 2x54 W 865 T5.
Heating:Tetratec 300 W.
Substrate:White sand.
Decoration:DIY styrofoam background and river stones.
Water:Temp 25C, pH 8.2, KH 16, GH 10.
Maintenance:30% weekly water change.
Fauna:Cyprichromis leptosoma 'Mpulungu', Altolamprologus calvus 'Black Pectoral', Neolamprologus leleupi 'Uvira', Lamprologus meleagris.
Comments: The background is home made, by carefully shaping styrofoam, then painting with epoxy resin and covering with sand. Tanganyika is the most beautiful biotope for me. Just enjoy!

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04_Tanganyika_Tank_2.jpg (110kb)
"Before" algae and cichlids

04_Tanganyika_Tank_3.jpg (97kb)
"After" algae and cichlids

Photos taken by Robert Mihalko and displayed here with his permission.

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