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September '11

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September '11 - Perfect Panels - 4 Decorated Background Tanks!

From basic background posters to elaborate homemade constructs, here's a range of ideas for you to decide on the perfect background choice for your aquarium!

09_Erik_1.jpg (35kb)

Erik Lyde-stad - Round Rock Background Poster - Canada

My name is Erik Lyde-stad, I'm from north Vancouver, Canada. I'd like to submit my 265 L tank for tank of the month. This is my first large tank and first time trying to plant it out. I'm using pool filter silica sand substrate and an Aquaclear 500 as filtration. I am currently running three 2 L DIY CO2 bottles through a Hagen bubble counter/diffuser, and 152 W of lighting. I hope you like it.

09_Short_1.jpg (35kb)

Dan Short - Pangea 'Rocky II' Background - USA

This is my 280 L Frontosa growout tank. The background is a Pangea Rocky II. Substrate is about 5 cm of CaribSea Aragonite. Rocks are Pagoda Stone from Feller Stone. Filtration is a Fluval 404 and 2 Penguin 170 Biowheels. All filters and heaters are hidden behind the background. Lighting is Coralife 10000 K. Inhabitants are 5 juvenile Frontosa cichlids.

09_Parrott_1.jpg (55kb)

John Parrott - DIY Styrofoam Background - United Kingdom

This is my 1 year old community aquarium. It is 72 L and includes 2 Rams, 6 neon tetras, 2 corydoras, 1 gourami and a few others. I have also included a picture of my 3D background made from foam, card and plastic plants. It makes the tank look deeper and has fooled several people into believing it was real. A great idea to mould the background into the tank. I hope the pics are interesting.

09_Parrott_2.jpg (37kb)

09_Jason_1.jpg (41kb)

Jason - DIY Polystyrene Background - Australia

My name is Jason and I am from Brisbane, Australia. This is a picture of my tank. It is a 300 L freshwater tank filtered by an Aqua Pro 1500 and a Resun 1200 LPH internal filter, a 300 W heater, and twin high grow fluorescents. It's housed on an all meranti wood cabinet and hood. The background, as you can see, is all polystyrene. We used 50 mm sheets, siliconed them together, carved out the caves, shaped the roots and boulder using a sharp knife, siliconed all the pieces where there meant to be. Then, using a heat gun, sealed the outside so that little bits don't come off, and also for shaping and for a bit of definition. Then, using a mix of white cement, coloured oxides and polymer, mixed to consistency that we were happy with then just stippled on to our desired effect. Once right, a coat of polymer was added to seal it all up. The theme we were going for was like an Amazon river with roots coming down and rock over hangs and a few caves. The aquascape needs more grasses yet to fill it in a bit, but it's getting there. Swimming are a few cichlids, a salmon tail catfish, and a couple of suckerfish for now. I hope you like it.

09_Jason_2.jpg (94kb)

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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