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August '11

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Photos & Descriptions

08_Fabian.jpg (41kb)

August '11 - Fabian Kussakawa's Aquaroom - 16 Aquascapes!

In August Brazilian aquarist Fabian Kussakawa completed 5 years of participation here on and 4 years of great dedication to aquascaping. So we take the opportunity to celebrate the occasion with some of his best setups created between 2007 and 2010. Be sure to see a lot more photos and details at his personal website (in Portuguese). Enjoy!

08_Fabian_1.jpg (87kb)

08_Fabian_2.jpg (67kb)

08_Fabian_3.jpg (89kb)

08_Fabian_4.jpg (51kb)

08_Fabian_5.jpg (45kb)

08_Fabian_6.jpg (32kb)

08_Fabian_7.jpg (93kb)

08_Fabian_8.jpg (95kb)

08_Fabian_9.jpg (61kb)

08_Fabian_10.jpg (57kb)

08_Fabian_11.jpg (67kb)

08_Fabian_12.jpg (53kb)

08_Fabian_13.jpg (55kb)

08_Fabian_14.jpg (97kb)

08_Fabian_15.jpg (50kb)

08_Fabian_16.jpg (70kb)

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by Fabian Kussakawa and displayed here with his permission.

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