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July '11

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07_Cichlid_Tank_1.jpg (54kb)

July '11 - Lee Nuttall's 1300 L Central American Cichlid Aquarium. (England)

This month's aquarium is an excellent example on how to properly keep a collection of some awesome Central American cichlids. It's also interesting to see the use of swordtails as dither fish in the tank: even though at first glance that would seem inappropriate, they actually do share the same habitat in nature and adult specimens are not threatened by the small-mouth cichlid species being kept here...

Owner:Lee Nuttall, 35, from South Staffordshire (England), 25 years of fishkeeping.
Setup:September 2007.
Dimensions:240x60x90 cm.
Volume: 1300 L (nominal).
Filtration:Background biofilter with 2 Maxijets (3500 L/h).
Lighting:Arcadia aquarium lamps.
Substrate:Common river sand and pea gravel.
Decoration:Rocks, branches and custom background.
Maintenance:25% water changes twice a week, syphoning of sand and cleaning of filter media as needed.
Fauna: Vieja argentea, 2 Vieja heterospila, Vieja regani couple, 'Cichlasoma' pearsi, 'Cichlasoma' salvini, 5 Thorichthys pasionis and 12 Xiphophorus hellerii as dither fish.
Comments:The background is custom made by joining a Back to Nature Amazon 150 and Rocky 120 background panels.

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Photos taken by Lee Nuttall and displayed here with his permission.

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