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May '11

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05_Angelfish_Tank_1.jpg (57kb)

May '11 - Carlos Alexandre's 288 L Angelfish Aquarium. (Brazil)

This month's aquarium deserves to be featured for two reasons. First, it represents a clear demonstration of how a tipical beginner aquarist, starting with a totally inadequate and potentially disastrous setup, can quickly revert the situation when he sets himself into reading, studying and learning the basics of responsible fishkeeping. Second, it's admirable to see an aquarist with only 2 years in the hobby launch himself into the laborious task of buildingan elaborate and intricate styrofoam back panel with his own hands, rarely seen even among vastly experienced hobbyists. Well done!

Owner:Carlos Alexandre, 36, from Valinhos (Brazil), 2 years of fishkeeping.
Dimensions:120x40x60 cm.
Volume: 288 L (nominal).
Filtration:Home-made canister filter (1300 L/h).
Lighting:2x30 W Aquatlantis T5, about 10 hours daily.
Heating:Aquatlantis 200 W.
Substrate:Basalt (about 7 cm).
Decoration:Artificial plants and 3D back panel.
Others:Timer and air pump.
Water:Temp 29C, pH 7.0.
Maintenance:Weekly partial water changes (about 10%); cleaning of lateral and frontal glasses.
Fauna: Assorted Angelfish, assorted cories, 1 pleco.
Flora: None.
Comments:It all started two years ago (2009) when I was at a festival and my son netted and won one of those little giveaway fish (a swordtail). Then came the problem, where to put it? I went to a shop and bought an 18 liter tank and a few other fish. From then took a liking to the game, but another problem came up, the fish were growing and I needed to get another tank. Researching through shops I ended up buying this 288 liter, and researching around the internet for decoration models to take as a starting point I ended up finding these 3D panels (believe me, I looked up every single tank of the month here and got many good ideas, including the 3D panel). I got lots of information from sites that taught how to make them, gathered the courage and bought the material, 6 sheets of styrofoam, plaster, sealant, silicone and epoxy resin. It was a lot of work, in total 3 months (building on weekends) but in the end it was quite rewarding, the result was great. There are lots of caves where the fish love to hide in.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

05_Angelfish_Tank_2.jpg (75kb)
Assorted angelfish exploring the rich and interesting landscape

05_Angelfish_Tank_3.jpg (491kb)
Albino cories contrasting with the black basalt gravel

05_Angelfish_Tank_4.jpg (88kb)
Details of the hand-made back panel and artificial plants

Photos taken by Carlos Alexandre dos Santos and displayed here with his permission.

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