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March '11

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03_Amazon_Tank_1.jpg (90kb)

March '11 - Davi Freitas's 260 L Amazon Aquarium. (Brazil)

The beautiful Amazon aquarium of this month deserves to be feature by its own merits, but as a special attraction it launches the inclusion of homemade aquarium videos here in this section, nowadays quite acessible and widespread, which give us a much clearer perspective of the individual fish behaviors as well as the dynamics of their interactions. We'll be awaiting your submissions and hope that this one is the first of many!

Owner:Davi Fernandes de Freitas.
Dimensions:120x40x60 cm (curve Boyu).
Volume: 262 L (nominal).
Filtration:Atman 3338 (1200 L/h) with 3 liters of Siporax, 750 ml of Matrix, 2 liters of common ceramic in a gutter before the water falls back in the tank, 500 ml of Purigen (not used all the time, removed after 3 days), activated carbon (not used all the time, removed after 3 days). A residential Aqualar Aquatotal 3M 15 micra help filter, run by 2000 L/h pump (reason why the water is nearly invisible) and as if that's not enough, a Haqoos UV 35 W that comes on only when the lights are on, to avoid green water from the lighting.
Lighting:4x55 W PL's, being 2x6500K and 2x4000K to give a yellowish hue in the lighting that simulates the yellow tone of the deep Amazon, but in a crystal clear water. De noite luz lunar com um filete de 1 metro de led 3M.
Outros:1 small CO2 cylinder (300 g) with solenoide and timer releasing just 1 bubble every 2 seconds, since my pH drops very fast and I no reason for more than that, as the plants are happy. There's an aerator that turns on for 15 minutes every 2 horas to control the excess CO2 (very toxic for discus). To help cool the heat from the lamps, 1 9 cm cooler on a 12 V font behind.
Maintenance:Once a week I put in one capful of Flourish Excel, and I add 7.5 ml of Special Blend with every 30% weekly water change.
Fauna: 1 medium-large leopard discus, 1 small blue diamond, 1 small red turk and 1 still tiny super red malboro, tetras (neons and such), pencilfish, Siamese and albino Chinese algae eaters, apple snails.
Comments:The entire setup runs automatically on timers. My only chores are to clean a little bit of algae and feed the fish. I hope you liked it!

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

The first aquarium video featured in this section!

03_Amazon_Tank_2.jpg (50kb)
Front view with the night lights on

03_Amazon_Tank_3.jpg (90kb)
Harmonious population well distributed through all water levels

Photos taken by Davi Fernandes de Freitas and displayed here with his permission.

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