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October '10

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10_Altum_Angel_Tank_1.jpg (69kb)

October '10 - Mats Wesén's 720 L Altum Angelfish Aquarium. (Sweden)

Few species in the hobby convey the concept of 'elegance' better than the Altum Angel - Pterophyllum altum, and here's a setup well worthy of hosting these expensive, demanding, and prized cousins of the common angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare). Enjoy!

Owner:Mats Wesén, 48, from Höör (Sweden).
Setup:April 2009.
Dimensions:200x60x60 cm.
Volume: 720 L (nominal).
Filtration:Eheim 2080 + Eheim 2213 + 8W UVC burner.
Lighting:4x58 W T5 fluorescents, 12 hours a day.
Heating:2x200 W Jäger.
Substrate:Fine grain sand (0.2 - 0.8 mm).
Decoration:Aquaterra Amazon Backdrop - drift wood - small rocks.
Others:Powerheads to circulate water behind background.
Water:Temp 28°C; pH 7.0.
Maintenance:Weekly water changes (about 30%); tap water from drilled well, no additives.
Fauna: Pterophyllum altum 'Orinoco' (11), Corydoras sterbai (10), L46 Zebra Pleco (8), L128 Blue Phantom Pleco (5), Cardinal & Neon Tetras.
Flora: Vallisneria gigantea, Cryptocoryne spp.
Comments:If you want success with your Altums, keep water clean at all times!

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10_Altum_Angel_Tank_2.jpg (70kb)
A wide range of ages and sizes in the group, from dominant adults to juveniles

10_Altum_Angel_Tank_3.jpg (46kb)
Even the altums' squabbles for dominance look more elegant!

Photos taken by Mats Wesén and displayed here with his permission.

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