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August '10

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08_Community_Aquarium_1.jpg (50kb)

August '10 - Paulo Pereira's 264 L Community Aquarium. (Portugal)

Once again we feature a beautiful aquarium set up by a novice Portuguese aquarist, Paulo Pereira, who took advantage of the wealth of examples and experiences from other aquarists on the net to start the hobby on the right foot. Enjoy!

Owner:Paulo Pereira, 39, from Cascais (Portugal), 7 months of fishkeeping (a the time of submission).
Dimensions:120x40x55 cm.
Volume: 264 L (nominal), 220 L (effetive).
Filtration:Eheim 2217 Canister Filter (1000 L/h).
Lighting:2x54 W Aquatlantis T5, about 10 hours a day.
Heating:Aquatlantis 200 W + Eheim Jager 200 W.
Substrate:Akadama (about 3 cm in the mounds).
Decoration:Medium gravel sand, red moor wood pieces, lava rocks, medium white silica sand.
Others:2.5 kg CO2 cylinder with solenoid valve (one bubble every 3 seconds); Eheim 200 air pump.
Water:Temp 29°C; pH 7.0; NO3 5 ppm.
Maintenance:Weekly water changes (about 10%); cleaning of frontal and lateral glasses; about 50 ml of plant fertilizer (JBL).
Fauna: 1 pigeon blood red discus, 1 blue diamond discus, 1 marlboro yellow discus, 1 red turquesa discus, 1 marbled angel, 1 zebra angel, 6 rummy noses, 12 cardinals, 2 pitbull plecos (LDA25) and a few other species.
Flora: Anubias nana, Egerias densa, Pogotemon helferi, Vallisneria americana “tiger” and a few others.
Comments:About 7 months ago I set up a 50 cm aquarium for my daughter. Soon after, with the enthusiasm I decided to set up a 120 cm. I didn't have major difficulties to do it, especially since thanks to sites like this, a beginner like myself can set up a balanced and fun tank, getting all the necessary information and help necessary for all doubts that arise, such as the choice of equipment, plants, fish, whatever. I browsed this website and others until gathering little pieces (ideas) from dozens or even hundreds of aquariums spread throughout the world. After drawing an initial sketch on paper (which I recommend to everyone), and lots of research, it was just a matter of buying what was needed for the idea and get my hands wet. Put one thing here, remove another there, put it back, etc etc...10 hours of labor and in the end they were rewarded by admiring the final work. No matter how humble is our aquarium, it should always be a matter of pride. I only got desperate when I started planting and the water became dusty due to the Akadama, a problem that disappeared after a couple of hours. I can say that in this tank there's a small piece of everyone, therefore I dedicate this aquarium to all my fellows in the hobby.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

08_Community_Aquarium_2.jpg (44kb)
Frontal photo featuring the beautiful collective effect of the aquascape

08_Community_Aquarium_3.jpg (54kb)
Fishes are still young but showing good health and adaptation

Photos taken by Paulo Pereira and displayed here with his permission.

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