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July '10

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07_Amazon_Aquarium_1.jpg (62kb)

July '10 - George Sena's 240 L Amazon Aquarium. (Brazil)

This month we feature a very nice Amazon aquarium owned by novice Brazilian aquarist George Sena, who used his background as a Biology teacher to start the hobby on the right foot. Enjoy!

Owner:George Sena, 26, from União dos Palmares (Brazil), 1 year of fishkeeping (at the time of submission).
Setup:Marc 2008.
Dimensions:120x40x50 cm.
Volume: 240 L (nominal), 210 L (effective).
Filtration:Marineland Magnum 220 canister filter (810 L/h) with perlon, ceramics and 1 liter of Seachem Matrix media in the central cylinder + Jebo 502 power filter, with perlon and no activated carbon (450 L/h).
Lighting:3x40 W T8 fluorescents (6400 K) with photoperiod of 12 hours/day.
Substrate:Common laterite, concentrated laterite, peat (1st layer of 1.5 cm), 200 g of concentrated Azoo fertilizer, 1 kg of Prodac Humus at the base of the more demanding plants (2nd layer of 1.0 cm) and inert layer (7 to 11 cm) of about 50 kg of river sand.
Decoration:2 straight pieces of wood with ~60 cm + 1 with ~30 cm length.
Others:Key West mechanical timer; DIY CO2 injection.
Water:Temp 28-29°C; pH 6.6
Maintenance:Weekly 25% water changes; perlon change and media cleaning every 2 weeks; application of Tetra Aquasafe and Tetra Flora Pride.
Fauna:Corydoras schwartzi (2); Corydoras anaeus (3); Gymnocorymbus ternetzi - white tetra (3); Hemigrammus rhodostomus - rummynose tetra (10); Hyphessobrycon eques - serpae tetra (5); Nematobrycon palmeri - emperor tetra (2); Otocinclus sp. - oto (2); Paracheirodon axelrodi - cardinal tetra (21).
Flora:Aponogeton crispus; Bacopa monnieri; Cabomba caroliniana; Cabomba furcata; Cryptocoryne beckettii; Cryptocoryne nurii; Cryptocoryne wendtii; Echinodorus amazonicus; Echinodorus bleheri; Echinodorus tenellus; Hemianthus micranthemoides; Hygrophila corymbosa; Hygrophila polysperma; Ludwigia repens; Microsorum pteropus; Nymphaea rudgeana; Rotala macrandra; Rotala rotundifolia; Rotala wallichii; Sagittaria latifolia; Vallisneria nana.
Comments:The setup initially had few plants, but they developed very quickly and well. After a week, I had to do a total water change due to the high turbidity (from the river sand). To speed up the process of bacterial colonization I used Seachem Stability, and started introducing fish gradually after 20 days (4 to 6 at a time). Two months later the setup had a bit of a problem with cianobacteria (bluegreen algae that was developing on the leaves of some plants and over the sand parts exposed to direct lighting. I solved this with partial water changes and syphoning. After 4 months of setup the tank started showing signs of biological stability, with an apparently ideal bacterial colonization for the involved ecological parameters. I don't have algae problems any longer.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

07_Amazon_Aquarium_2.jpg (56kb)
Earlier photo, with the Amazon plant dominating the central part

Photos taken by George Sena and displayed here with his permission.

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