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March '10

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03_Reef_Aquarium_1.jpg (81kb)

March '10 - Ricardo Jackow's 160 L Reef Aquarium. (Brazil)

This month we feature a very mature marine tank, completing 10 years in the next few months, set up and maintained by the experienced and dedicated Brazilian hobbyist Ricardo Jackow. Enjoy!

Owner:Ricardo Jackow, 30, from São Paulo (Brazil), 20 years of fishkeeping.
Setup:July 2000.
Dimensions:70x30x50 cm (aquarium) + 70x15x50 cm (sump).
Volume: 160 L (nominal).
Filtration:Max Venturi 200 skimmer with Better 650 pump.
Lighting:2x20 W (Philips actinic blue) + 2x20 W (Power-glo white) .
Temperature:Digital Fullgauge MT-518C thermostat which controls 2 fans and 1 Master 100 W heater.
Substrate:12 cm Halimeda substrate with plenum.
Decoration:Natural live rock only.
Others:Wave-maker attached to a Better 650 pump, timer for the lighting, freshwater repositor (9 liters).
Water:Temp 26°C, pH 8.3, Density 1023 g/L.
Maintenance:Weekly 6 liter water changes, weekly addition of Bio Calcium.
Fauna:1 yellow tang, 1 gramma loreto, 1 clownfish (ocellaris), 1 neon goby, 2 ofiurus, 20 hermit crabs.
Corals:1 leather coral, 3 xenias, 1 cloves colony, 1 sea rod coral, 1 carpet coral, 1 Zoanthus colony.
Comments:I've had aquariums since childhood, but started reefkeeping in July 2000 with this tank. Since the first day of setup, on July 21st, I have dedicated all I can to it, despite going through some difficulties and lack of time to maintain it, I have never given up on keeping it as best as possible for the inhabitants which are in there until today, healthy and (I believe) happy. All the beauty and success comes from a lot of patience and dedication. I plan to set up a 400 L tank soon, but living in an apartment (and not alone) I'm not sure if it'll be viable to set it up. Every week I do partial water changes and clean up the filter and glasses. It seems the aquarium is getting ever more beautiful and healthy. Not surprisingly, at almost 10 years of existence it's already quite mature and very vivid. Thank you for the space and the opportunity to show my tank.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

03_Reef_Aquarium_2.jpg (70kb)
Yellow tang exploring the passages between the live rock.

03_Reef_Aquarium_3.jpg (58kb)
Rich variety coral colors and shapes

03_Reef_Aquarium_4.jpg (58kb)
"Under the hood" view featuring the back wall sump and skimmer

Photos taken by Ricardo Jackow and displayed here with his permission.

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