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January '10

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January '10 - Zoom Out III: 5 Decorative Aquariums!

Here's a special we haven't done in 5 years, so enjoy this collection of 5 great setups with focus on how they contribute to the room decoration!

01_Grazziotin_1.jpg (30kb)

Felipe Grazziotin's 275 L Rustic Aquarium. (Brazil)

For 8 months now I've had this 275 L community aquarium (115x60x40 cm) with the outside in rustic style entirely built by myself - from the construction of the stone stand and wooden parts to the gluing of the glasses and decorations. The filtration is a Better 600 L/h air pump and a Whisper 300 power filter. Lighting has 50 W, substrate is 6 cm of river gravel. Temperature 28C, pH 6.8, GH 3.5. I hope you like it!

Contributed by Felipe Grazziotin

01_Hird_1.jpg (60kb)

Dale Hird's 180 L Fireplace Aquarium. (Canada)

I have this custom sized tank on my fireplace mantle. It is 86x61x36 cm and holds 180 liters. After getting it up there and full of water I realized that I was very conservative about the size (worried about the weight) and noticed that the tank could have been at least 40 liters more, 5 cm higher and 5 cm wider. Live and learn I guess, as my wife won't let me get another one. Right now I have a couple fish in there that will need to be moved to my 300 L in the basement, this being the oscar and Texas cichlid. Other than that, there is a pair of convicts, a red panamense, a firemouth and 2 jack dempseys, all young ones. It is heated by a 200 Watt Ebo Jager and I use a Fluval 3 Plus and Aquaclear 50 to filter it. Those plants are fake in there.

Contributed by Dale Hird

01_Day_1.jpg (28kb)

Mick Day's 60 L Built-In Aquarium. (United Kingdom)

I'm 17 and I set up my 60 L tank about 2 months ago. It's housed in a built in wardrobe right next to my bed that I modified for this very purpose, that's why the cupboard doors aren't quite straight. It's 60x30x30 cm and filtered with an Eheim Pro 2. It now hosts 4 cardinal tetras, 3 oto's and 2 Amano shrimp, all is in nice harmony. Anywho, nice website :)

Contributed by Mick Day

01_Bombonato_1.jpg (40kb)

Wagner Bombonato's 200 L False Marine Aquarium. (Brazil)

I'm sending this amterial with the intention of participating in the Tank of the Month section of this highly regarded website. It's an African Cichlid Aquarium set up in "false marine" style, which I created with a lot of dedication.

Contributed by Wagner Bombonato

01_Chagas_1.jpg (48kb)

Mauricio Chagas's 100 L Planted Aquarium. (Brazil)

Editor's note: OK so maybe the selection of this tank is a little biased on my part. Not only is Mauricio a great personal friend who participated in the very beginning of this Tank of the Month section way back in 1998, but the tank above is actually my wife's former 100 L Angelfish Tank that we set up in that same year, and sold to Mauricio in 2001 when we left the country. It's just great to know that he's still got the tank set up and running fine, 12 years later!

Contributed by Marcos Avila

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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