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December '09

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12_African_Cichlid_Tank_1.jpg (43kb)

December '09 - Cassio Pupo's 280 L African Cichlid Aquarium. (Brazil)

We close the year of 2009 with a nice and mature African cichlid aquarium, and with an upgrade to the image sizes shown in this section, which from now on will have dimensions up to 800x600 pixels. Happy 2010 to you and all your pets!

Owner:Cassio Pupo, from Brazil.
Setup:September 2003.
Dimensions:140x40x50 cm.
Volume:280 L (nominal).
Filtration:Dry/Wet (internal), with bioballs, acrylon wool and carbon.
Lighting:2x40 W fluorescent.
Substrate:Aragonite sand.
Decoration:Natural rocks, artificial plants, artificial wood.
Water:Temp 28°C, pH 8,0, GH 4, NH3 0.
Fauna:Labidocromis caeruleus 'yellow' - 1 couple + 12 juveniles, Labidocromis sp. 'white' - 1 female + 3 juveniles, Labidocromis mbamba - 1 female, Labidocromis lividus - 1 male, Gephirochromis moori - 1 couple, Pseudotropheus cabro - 1 male, Neolamprologus leleupi.
Feeding:Tetra Spirulina, Tetra Cichlid Sticks, Tetra Cichlid Flakes and Miramar frozen brine shrimp.

Thsi was my first African cichlid setup, in September 2003. Since then my fish have been very healthy and I haven't had any aggression problems. Even the smaller ones, like the Leleupi, commands respect. I only had one problem: superpopulation! The yellow labs started spawning and never stopped. I started getting baby yellows, and yellow crossbreeds with the white, the lividus and the crabro. I started with 9 fish and at one point there were 24 in total. Nowadays, usually when it gets to over 18, I remove about 8 juveniles and exchange them at the shop for fish food, carbon or other acessories.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

12_African_Cichlid_Tank_2.jpg (60kb)

12_African_Cichlid_Tank_3.jpg (75kb)

Photos taken by Cassio Pupo and displayed here with his permission.

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