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November '09

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November '09 - Discus Delight V: 4 Tanks!

It's been 3 years since we featured a special dedicated to discus fish, so here goes a collection of 4 setups dedicated to the King of the Aquarium. We're also adding one more country represented for the first time in this Tank of the Month section - Jordan!

11_Luersen_1.jpg (35kb)

Fernando Luersen's 290 L Discus Aquarium. (Brazil)

Owner: Fernando Luersen, 30, from São José do Rio Preto (Brazil), 3 years of fishkeeping.
Setup: March 2007
Tank Size: 120x40x60 cm (290 L)
Filtration: Fluval 404
Lighting: 3x40 W Hagen Power-Glo + 4x40 W Hagen Aqua-Glo, 8 hours per day
Heating: 300 W
CO2 System: CO2 cylinder with Hagen diffuser
Substrate: 10 cm laterite and 15 cm river gravel
Water: Temp 29°C, pH 6.8, KH 2
Maintenance: 40% weekly water changes, weekly pruning.
Fauna: 6 discus; 18 cardinal tetras; 16 rummynose tetras; 10 serpae tetras (2 veiltails); 3 plecos; 3 Siamese algae eaters.
Flora: Valisnerias; aponogetons; higrophilas; hemianthus; sagittarias, anubias.
Comments: Like any beginner aquarist I had some problems in the beginning of the setup such as an algae infestation, including the dreaded black beard algae. These were only controlled with patience, weekly water changes and the blessed Siamese algae eaters, whose importance is easily realized by removing them for a while. But with time and a bit of observation, soon enough everything gets stabilized. Keeping the feeding level strictly to the essential amount for the population I had no further problems, and from then on it was all joy.

11_Ismail_1.jpg (26kb)

Asaad Ismail's 200 L Discus Tank. (Jordan)

Owner: Asaad Ismail, from Amman (Jordan).
Setup: September 2002
Tank Size: 160x25x50 cm (200 L)
Filtration: Undergravel Filter + Sponge Filter
Substrate: Common gravel
Water: Temp 27-29°C
Fauna: 7 small discus, 2 medium discus plus a variety of other species.
Comments: The tank is 4 years old. It was my brother's and he gave it to me because he moved out of Jordan and I found myself up to my ears in this new hobby, which quickly developed into an obsession. My knowledge about it was starting from scratch, so thanks to the LFS's help (milking my pockets dry) this is where I am now. After visiting your site I realized I was going the wrong way in several aspects, so now I'm trying to fix whatever seems wrong.

11_Mitchell_1.jpg (45kb)

Fred Mitchell's 350 L Discus Tank. (USA)

Owner: Fred Mitchell from USA.
Comments: I would like to humbly submit photos of my 350 liter corner bowfront discus tank as a possible candidate for your tank of the month. I house a mixed collection of Discus including blue diamonds, red marlboros, some pigeon blood mixed varieties, red points and turquoise mixes. I have a male and female longfin albino ancistrus pair and a gold nugget. I also have a school of cardinals. The tank has a corner overflow with a Tidepool II and 6x Coralife 18 W sterilizer. I also have an FX5 filter running. I do a 1/3 to 1/2 water change at least once every two weeks, if not weekly. I have only different varietes of anubias attatched to several pieces of wood or roots. I add a little Flourish Comprehensive weekly and have a liquidoser from Eheim to add constant small amounts of Flourish Excel as an alternative to CO2. I have only one 30 W T8 8000K all glass tube because both the discus and anubias thrive with less light. I feed spectrum pellets and frozen blood worms. I appreciate your time and consideration.

11_Bawkar_1.jpg (68kb)

Prateek Bawkar's 200 L Discus Tank. (India)

Owner: Prateek Bawkar 21, from Mumbai (India), 10 years of fishkeeping.
Setup: January 2009
Tank Size: 92x43x51 cm (200 L)
Substrate: 8-10 cm golden sand
Water: Temp 26°C
Maintenance: 30% water changes twice in a week.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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