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August '09

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08_Rio_Parana_Biotope_1.jpg (45kb)

August '09 - Fabian Kussakawa's 65 L Paraná River Biotope Aquarium. (Brazil)

This month we're back to featuring a biotope aquarium, and the chosen setup exemplifies very well how fun and rewarding it can be for an aquarist to bring into his home a little piece of nature native to his own surroundings. Brazilian hobbyist Fabian Kussakawa, who lives right next to the majestic Iguaçu Falls, researched, planned and went himself off to the Paraná River to collect the inhabitants for this shady, serene setup.

Owner:Fabian Kussakawa, 31, from Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil), 2 years of fishkeeping.
Website:Nature Aqua
Setup:December 2007.
Dimensions:65x30x35 cm.
Volume:65 L (nominal), 50 L (effective).
Filtration:Boyu Canister + Eheim lily pipes, 750 L/h flow rate.
Lighting:Osram PL 23 W, 10 hours per day.
Heating:Hagen 50 W.
Substrate:1 cm fertile layer of Tropica Aquacare in the areas where there are plants, plus a 3 cm layer of neutral river sand.
Decoration:Paraná River pebbles, guava tree roots, guava tree bark and leaves.
Water:Temp 26°C, pH 6.2.
Maintenance:Partial water changes of 20 L once a week, treated with Tetra Aquasafe and Seachem buffer. Weekly cleaning of glasses, filter and wool change, NPK fertilization.
Fauna:1 Apistogramma agassizi couple, 6 Otocinclus sp., 1 Potimirim shrimp, 1 juvenile bristlenose pleco, 4 snails.
Flora:Sagittaria sp., Najas conferta, Potamogeton pusillus, Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia and Nymphoides indica.

As addicted aquarists we always end up seeking new experiences, and with this setup it wasn't any different. What attracted me the most in this case was to try and portrait the merging of the Paraná River with the lagoon marshes that surround it. Besides having researched a lot about the fauna and flora, and having collected some layout materials for the tank, the most enjoyable part was to set up and observe, swimming through this tea-colored biotope, the apistogrammas and small school of otos that I collected myself. Nowadays it is practically matured, and even though it's still rather new, it's surprisingly low maintenance.

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08_Rio_Parana_Biotope_2.jpg (48kb)
Apistogramma agassizii male

08_Rio_Parana_Biotope_3.jpg (25kb)
Otocinclus sp.

08_Rio_Parana_Biotope_4.jpg (27kb)

08_Rio_Parana_Biotope_5.jpg (25kb)
Seen from above

08_Rio_Parana_Biotope_6.jpg (27kb)
Seen from below

Photos taken by Fabian Kussakawa and displayed here with his permission.

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