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June '09

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June '09 - 11th Anniversary Super Special!

June is here and we're now well into the second decade of continuous existence of this Tank of the Month section...amazing, isn't it? As usual, the number of tank submissions is way beyond what can be featured along the year, so we celebrate the 11th anniversary by showing a selection of 30 really nice aquariums as "honorable mentions" that weren't selected along the year. Thanks to all!

06adriano1.jpg (58kb) 06traverse1.jpg (30kb)
Adriano Ferreira - 2x150 liters - Brazil. Chris Traverse - 200 liters - United Kingdom.

06prates1.jpg (37kb) 06apati1.jpg (31kb)
Daniel Prates - 72 liters - Brazil. Fabio Apati - 250 liters - Brazil.

06oracio1.jpg (43kb) 06masson1.jpg (40kb)
Fabio D Oracio - 290 liters - Brazil. Rafael Masson - 200 liters - Brazil.

06rendra1.jpg (37kb) 06camilo801.jpg (20kb)
Dwi Rendra Adi - 200 liters - Indonesia. Rodrigo Camilo - 80 liters - Brazil.

06ribeiro1.jpg (36kb) 06rodrigues1.jpg (53kb)
Sergio Ribeiro - 220 liters - Portugal. Sergio Rodrigues - 60 liters - Portugal.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.
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