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November '08

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811_Reef_Tank_3.jpg (51kb)

November '08 - Jack Burt's 5300 L Wall-Mounted Reef Aquarium. (USA)

This month we feature an enormous wall-mounted reef aquarium, actually larger than many koi ponds! This office tank conceived by veteran American hobbyist Jack Burt is not only extremely long left to right (almost 4 meters) but deep enough front to back (1.83 meters) for most humans to lie inside in that direction. At this volume level, many fish compatibility and other common "rules" can be relaxed, but the level of work and investment is so high that detailed planning is absolutely crucial, as Jack will teach us below and in his nice website. Enjoy!

Owner:Jack Burt, from Cape Coral (USA), 35+ years of fishkeeping.
Website:Iceman's Reef
Setup:November 2006.
Dimensions: 381x76x183 cm.
Volume: 5300 L (nominal).
Filtration:800-950 kg of live rock (Fiji, Haiti, Tonga and Florida); ASM G-6 Protein Skimmer; Miracle Mud Filtration (110 kg Mud);
Circulation:2x5800 GPH Sequence Reeflo Hammerhead Pumps; 2x4500 GPH Sequence Barracuda Pumps; 6 Tunze Turbell Stream 6200 (1585-5283 GPH)
Lighting:10x165 W VHO Super Actinic; 15x400 W Metal Halide 14000 K; .
Heating:Tradewind 1 HP Chiller + Heater.
Others:Schuran Jetstream 2 Calcium Reactor; Deltec KM 500S Kalkwasser Stirrer with SpectraPure LiterMeter III; Aqua SL100 UV Sterilizer; 2 Eco Aqualizer X 500; RO/DI Unit.
Fauna:A school of green chromis, an assortment of tangs, angels, wrasses, clowns, and a few other species.

The planning stage of any reef tank, large or small, is the most important step in the success of your reef. It will also determine the amount of time that you will spend on upkeep. 811_Reef_Tank_5.jpg (10kb)

The first step in planning is your vision of what you want to end up with.

The second step is to research everything that is involved to make your dream come true. The Internet is an invaluable tool. Reef forums will help you out with new ideas and also help ward you away from mistakes that others have made in the past.

Don't forget about your local fish store. If you have a good one in your area that deals in reefs, pick their brain. Also ask who in the area has the best reef tanks and have them see if they can put you in contact with them. Almost all reefers love to brag about their tanks and will help you in your planning.

The books available on the market today will also help you understand things like water chemistry, lighting, filtration, water flow, and the things that go on in a closed system. Do your research, it is very expensive and heartbreaking if you don't.

Further tips, experiences and photos in my website Iceman's Reef.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

811_Reef_Tank_1.jpg (34kb)
Zoom out showing the wall mounted office tank

811_Reef_Tank_2.jpg (57kb)
Zoom in showing tang gang, chromis school and clowns

Apolemichthys xanthopunctatusNaso unicornis
811_Reef_Tank_4.jpg (46kb)
Macropharyngodon meleagrisAcanthurus olivaceus

Photos taken by Jack Burt and displayed here with his permission.

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