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October '08

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810_Amazon_Jungle_Tank_1.jpg (55kb)

October '08 - Jensen Adam's 190 L Amazon Jungle Aquarium. (Canada)

This month we feature an interesting and rather controversial setup, since it makes use of a resource frequently frowned upon by "purist" aquatic gardeners - live plants mixed with fake plants! Obviously this would be a highly questionable practice in an aquascaping competition, but in your home aquarium you have all the right to decide whether or not it's a valid solution to make your job easier in getting that nice looking tank layout you always wanted. Canadian aquarist Jensen Adam decided it was, and here's the result for you to appreciate...

Owner:Jensen Adam, 20, from Toronto (Canada), 18 years of fishkeeping.
Setup:January 2002.
Volume: 200 L (nominal).
Filtration:Aquaclear 200 + Aquaclear Mini + Rena Canister Filter.
Lighting:Hagen Full Spectrum Light, 15 hours a day.
Heating:2x300 W Hagen heaters.
Substrate:Peat moss, top layer river pebbles.
Decoration:Mostly drift wood, fake grape vines for lizards.
Others:Big Al's Plant Fertilizer.
Water:Temp 25C, pH 6.8, KH 15, GH 17.
Fauna:2 Angelfish, 18 neon tetras, 3 x-ray tetras, 2 lemon tetras, and a few others.
Flora:Truthfully, I'm not too sure, it was collected based on price and hardiness - it was all trial and error to see which plants thrived within this tank -- but I know I have tape grass, Amazon sword plant, Java moss and some duckweed.
Maintenance:Weekly 25% water changes.

This is a "South American - Amazon" inspired tank. The landscaping of my tank is to sort of play off of what I may envision as a jungle underwater. There is a mix of real and fake plants within my tank. The fake plants help give the tank a lushness without the work, while the live plants are left alone to grow to keep an unkept and wild look. This tank has been set up for almost 4 years now, much of the inhabitants, except the two angelfish have been in the tank since early establishment. I had initally started out with a full live planted tank, but the problem was with school and team meets I couldn't maintain it. So experimenting with live and fake plants allowed me to come up with this landscape. The layout was not initally thought out, but was allowed to grow into what it is today.

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810_Amazon_Jungle_Tank_2.jpg (84kb)
Can you tell which plants are real and which are fake?

Photos taken by Jensen Adam and displayed here with his permission.

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