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June '08

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June '08 - 10th Anniversary Super Special!

So June arrives again and we're celebrate the 10th anniversary of this Tank of the Month section (the main website is a little older celebrated 10 years last October). As usual, the number of tank submissions is absolutely overwhelming and only a few of them can be featured during the year, so we celebrate the successful completion of another season by showing a selection of 50 really nice aquariums, the more exemplary and/or better photographed ones among a pool of about 80 "honorable mentions" that weren't selected along the year. Thanks to all!

806reeves1.jpg (49kb) 806barcelos1.jpg (63kb)
Cat Reeves - 200 liters - USA. Celso Barcelos - 200 liters - Brazil.

806cvarcher1.jpg (79kb) 806lucas1.jpg (53kb)
Cvarcher - 60 liters - USA. Daniel Lucas - 170 liters - Portugal.

806andy1.jpg (31kb) 806augusto1.jpg (40kb)
Andy - 360 liters - United Kingdom. Augusto Silva - 200 liters - Brazil.

806nguyen1.jpg (44kb) 806duarte1.jpg (31kb)
Tony Nguyen - 200 liters - USA. Bruno Duarte - 80 liters - Brazil.

806freitas1.jpg (51kb) 806peres1.jpg (77kb)
Carlos Freitas - 200 liters - Brazil. Carlos Peres - 60 liters - Portugal.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.
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