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April '08

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804_Malawi_Peacock_Cichlid_Tank_1.jpg (34kb)

April '08 - Vittorio Peruzzi's 450 L Malawi Peacock Cichlid Aquarium. (Italy)

Haplochromines, Haps, Peacock Cichlids, Malawi Peacocks, Aulonocaras...this group of cichlid species from Lake Malawi is referred to by several names as a whole, and even more names are required to described the extensive population variety from all over Lake Malawi, each one with its characteristic multicolor patterns (at least for the dominant males). It's almost as if nature had intentionally designed them to be irresistable for the avid fish collector! And this month we feature an example of one very such veteran collector from Italy, who set up this tank specifically to enjoy these awesome cichlids.

Owner:Vittorio Peruzzi, 56, from Italy, 40 years of fishkeeping.
Website:Il Malawi di Vittorio Peruzzi (in Italian)
Setup:April 2007.
Dimensions:151x61x64 cm (Juwel Vision 450)
Volume: 450 L (nominal).
Filtration: Juwel internal filter with 1050 L/h pump and Juwel sponge filter media; Eheim 2078 canister filter with 1850 L/h pump and Sera Siporax + Eheim sponge filter media.
Lighting:2x36 W Sera Blue Sky Royal T8 + 2x36 W Hagen Marine-Glo T8.
Heating:Teco TC20 Chiller/Heater with UV-C lamp.
Substrate:White ivory quartz fine sand.
Decoration:Mango Manila Wood + Kenya white rocks + Lace rocks.
Others:Timer; Eheim Digital Auto Feeder 3581 with integrated fan.
Water:Temp 27C, pH 8, KH 15-20, GH 30-40.
Fauna:1 adult couple Aulonocara steveni, 1 adult couple Aulonocara stuartgranti 'Hongi', 1 adult couple Aulonocara stuartgranti 'Ngara', 1 adult couple Protomelas taeniolatus 'Namalenje', 1 adult couple Cyrtocara Moori, 4 young Dragon Blood Spotted Peacock, 5 young Aulonocara jacobfreibergi 'Red Flame', 5 young Aulonocara baenschi, 5 young Aulonocara stuartgranti 'Blue Neon'.

The tank is placed in my living room with the scope just to enjoy the vision of these wonderful Malawi Peacock cichlids without any intention of breeding.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Aulonocara stuartgranti 'Hongi'Aulonocara stuartgranti 'Ngara'
804_Malawi_Peacock_Cichlid_Tank_2.jpg (40kb)
Protomelas taeniolatus 'Namalenje'Cyrtocara moori

Aulonocara baenschiDragon Blood Spotted Peacock
804_Malawi_Peacock_Cichlid_Tank_3.jpg (44kb)
Aulonocara sp. 'Maleri Chidunga Rocks'Aulonocara stuartgranti 'Blue Neon'

Photos taken by Vittorio Peruzzi and displayed here with his permission.

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