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December '07

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December '07 - Backyard Ponds!

A two-week trip abroad has prevented me from preparing a more elaborate page for December, so I'm ending the year with the visual delight and inspiration of three beautiful backyard garden landscapes including waterfalls/ponds/koi. Happy New Year! ;-)

Flavia de Urgal's Backyard Pond (Brazil)

712_Pond_Flavia_1.jpg (65kb)

712_Pond_Flavia_2.jpg (67kb)

David Eisenberg's Backyard Pond (USA)

712_Pond_David_1.jpg (58kb)

712_Pond_David_2.jpg (31kb)

Mike Kueny's Backyard Pond (USA)

712_Pond_Mike_1.jpg (67kb)

712_Pond_Mike_2.jpg (56kb)

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Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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