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August '07

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708_South_American_Tank_1.jpg (32kb)

August '07 - Davor and Elena's 160 L South American Aquarium. (Croatia)

With all the great information available nowadays on the internet and in good books, beginning in this hobby no longer needs to be traumatic, frustrating or disastrous for anyone in the world, and this month we demonstrate this with a perfect example. This is the first-ever aquarium setup by the Croatian couple Davor and Elena, with only 1.5 years into the hobby and a beautiful, thriving, exemplary aquarium to show off with pride!

Owner:Davor and Elena Zerjav, 29, from Cakovec, Croatia, 1.5 years of fishkeeping.
Setup:December 2005.
Dimensions:100x40x40 cm.
Volume: 160 L (nominal), 130 L (effective).
Filtration:TetraTec EX 600 canister filter.
Lighting:2x30 W fluorescent tubes by Arcadia (Original Tropical and Freshwater) + 1x18 W Sylvania Grolux, 12 hours/day.
Heating:TetraTec, 250 W.
Substrate:1 cm Prodac mineral substrate + 9 cm pea gravel.
Decoration:Mopani wood.
Others:Nutrafin CO2 system, 1 bubble every 4 seconds.
Water:Temp 25C, pH 7.0, KH 10, GH 12.
Maintenance:Weekly water change of 15 liters, addition of microelements, K2HPO4, liquid Fe.
Fauna:Pterophyllum scalare (5), Ancistrus sp., Corydoras paleatus (8), white fin tetra (25), apple snails, nerite snails.
Flora:Sagittaria subulata, Cabomba caroliana, Heteranthera zosterifolia (Stargrass), Christmas moss (Vesicularia sp.), Echinodorus osiris.

This is somewhere between a hi-tech and a low-tech tank. It's easy to maintain this setup, except for dealing with the stargrass, which likes to grow fast so I have to prune it regularly. We haven't experienced any trouble with plants or had any fish diseases. The additives we add to aquarium water are micro- and macro-elements as plant nutrients. We use tap water and prepare it in canisters. All fish live in harmony. Scalars show their territorial behaviour, but fight only among each other - no casualties so far. It's wonderful to have a planted aquarium in the house - it calms you down.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

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708_South_American_Tank_3.jpg (26kb)

Photos taken by Davor and Elena Zerjav and displayed here with their permission.

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