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June '07

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June '07 - 9th Anniversary Super Special!

706shimon1.jpg (45kb) 706kaiser1.jpg (31kb)
Shimon Dvir - 250 liters - Israel. Kaiser Neves - 50 liters - Brazil.

I'm very glad to present my 50 liter aquarium to you. After doing much research on your site, I arrived at this configuration. I hope you like it and it can participate as a candidate for tank of the month. - Kaiser Neves.

706jairo1.jpg (42kb) 706okiyama1.jpg (60kb)
Jairo Euzebio - 60 liters - Brazil. Sidney Okiyama - 72 liters - Brazil.

I really liked this site and I'm sending some photos of my planted tank to put up on your website, I hope you like it! - Jairo Euzebio.

706alper1.jpg (39kb) 706marques1.jpg (27kb)
Tandogan Alper - 325 liters - Turkey. Ronald Marques - 72 liters - Brazil.

I'd like to include photos and information about my cichlid aquarium on this site, since this website is very interesting and very visited. I'd also like to share with other aquarists the pleasure of having an aquarium with these fascinating fishes. - Ronald Marques.

706naidoo1.jpg (57kb) 706pang1.jpg (40kb)
Shan Naidoo - 150 liters - South Africa. CK Pang - 40 liters - Malaysia.

706suhendra1.jpg (45kb) 706marleaux1.jpg (31kb)
Johannes Suhendra - 735 liters - Indonesia. Evan Marleaux - 200 liters - USA.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.
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