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June '07

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June '07 - 9th Anniversary Super Special!

So June arrives again and we celebrate the 9th anniversary of this Tank of the Month section (the main website is a little older and will celebrate 10 years in October). As usual, the number of tank submissions is absolutely overwhelming and only a few of them can be featured during the year, so we celebrate the successful completion of another season by showing a selection of 50 really nice aquariums, the more exemplary and/or better photographed ones among a pool of about 130 "honorable mentions" that weren't selected along the year. And even after that, the 10th season already starts having 100+ submissions with potential to be featured. Thanks to all!

706thomas1.jpg (39kb) 706willoughby1.jpg (38kb)
Thomas Low - 430 liters - Singapore. Kyl Willoughby - 230 liters - USA.

I saw all the beautiful aquaria here, and thought you might appreciate a couple pictures of my planted aquarium. I migrated the plants from my 125 liter aquarium when I moved, and had some trouble with pH and water hardness, but as can be seen, it's all under control now--everything except for the plant growth - Kyl Willoughby.

706clemente1.jpg (46kb) 706drewski1.jpg (47kb)
Rodrigo Clemente - 300 liters - Brazil. Drewski - 450 liters - USA.

706gomes1.jpg (33kb) 706koutny1.jpg (28kb)
Lums Gomes - 120 liters - Portugal. Pavel Koutny - 230 liters - Slovakia.

706kentan1.jpg (67kb) 706sandro1.jpg (33kb)
Ken Tan - 35 liters - Malaysia. Sandro Lima - 130 liters - Portugal.

I would strongly recommend any new beginner to have a good look on the Internet as well as any pet shops specializing in setting up a good aquarium. Thanks for everything and I hope my tank will be featured in your tank of the month section! - Ken Tan.

706geanta1.jpg (45kb) 706celso1.jpg (38kb)
Allen Geanta - 180 liters - Romania. Celso celso - 160 liters - Brazil.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.
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