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May '07

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Photos & Descriptions

705_DaikonYa_Koi_Pond_2.jpg (53kb)

May '07 - DaikonYa Koi Pond. (Japan)

705_DaikonYa_Koi_Pond_2.jpg (61kb)

This is the full garden view at the back of the store, behind a tiny little fence and sign requesting that people not go beyond. The combination of Koi and waterfall represents good fortune to the Japanese.

705_DaikonYa_Koi_Pond_4.jpg (58kb)

The top sign spells the gift shop's name, DaikonYa (literally, "radish shop"). After a full day's worth of peregrination throughout the 80+ temples and shrines in the sacred island, visitors can stop here to sit down, have some tea, try the delicious local treat called momiji manju, buy some souvenirs and omiyage (Japanese-style edible gift) for the people back home, and of course, relax and admire the typical Japanese garden at the back.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by Raquel & Marcos.

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