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May '07

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705_DaikonYa_Koi_Pond_2.jpg (61kb)

May '07 - DaikonYa Koi Pond. (Japan)

Last month I wrote a little "complaint" about not getting enough cichlid tank submissions and it worked well, so this month I decided to try the same type of tactics again. Despite being a really interesting, enjoyable and addictive part of our fishkeeping hobby, among the 263 present submissions I don't have a single ornamental pond ready to be featured! Therefore, I decided to present one from my "personal photo collection" in hope that other pond keepers out there will be stimulated to share their beautiful creations with us.

So, May's tank is this beautiful koi pond located at the back of DaikonYa, a gift shop in Miyajima -- a world heritage island just out of Hiroshima, Japan. Unfortunately I couldn't speak to the owner at the time I visited (October 2006) to try and get technical details and other information, so we'll just have to do with the visual delight!

705_DaikonYa_Koi_Pond_4.jpg (43kb)

The pond probably holds about 10,000 liters of water, has a small waterfall, and hosts 6 or 7 competition-quality Koi, all of which are at least 70-80 cm in length. Hiroshima is one of the well-known Koi breeding areas in Japan and it's pretty clear that the owner of this gift shop is seriously involved, as demonstrated by the "trophies" framed along the upper part of the shop. You can recognize the left Koi above in the right frame below -- 1st place winner in 1998! Prized specimens like this can be appraised at levels comparable to thoroughbred race horses!

705_DaikonYa_Koi_Pond_5.jpg (35kb)

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by Raquel & Marcos.

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