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April '07

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704_Malawi_Cichlid_Tank_1.jpg (30kb) 704_Malawi_Cichlid_Tank_2.jpg (36kb)

April '07 - Chris & Kari's 470 L Malawi Cichlid Aquarium. (USA)

Some people complain that I don't show enough cichlid tanks in this section. The truth is, I'd love to show them (as well as all different types of setups in the hobby) but I can only show what is submitted! Of course, a chosen tank should not just be good-looking and well photographed, but also exemplary and reasonably tested by time, to prove its viability for pets expected to live their lives of many years in it. Unfortunately, most of the cichlid tanks I receive are very newly setup tanks, barely past the cycling period, with a bunch of juvenile fish barely acclimated to their environment yet. So, you can imagine how pleased I was to receive this very mature Malawi Tank submission by American hobbyists Chris & Kari Bond last month, and here it is, being shown with priority for the cichlid-maniacs. Enjoy! ;-)

Owner:Chris & Kari Bond, 47 & 28, from Ringgold (USA), 6 years of fishkeeping.
Setup:June 2002.
Dimensions:182x46x61 cm.
Volume:470 L (nominal), 335 L (effective).
Filtration:4x Marineland H.O.T. Magnum Pro.
Lighting:4x110 W VHO Icecap 600, 8.5 hours/day.
Heating:Ebo Jager 300 W.
Substrate:Crushed coral (8 cm).
Decoration:90 kg lace rock and some assorted driftwoods.
Water:Temp 26C, pH 8.2
Maintenance:Water changes once every month, about 40% with Seachem Malawi Cichlid Salts added.
Fauna:Community of African Malawi cichlids, and 1 rhino pleco.
Flora:Java Fern.

This has been as close to a "bullet proof" tank as I have ever seen. Maintenance is minimal and the fish remain calm, due to the amount of cover they have available. One recommendation for anyone that is considering African Cichlids: when you are ready to add fish to your tank, do it when you change the water. Re-arrange your rock formations so the hiding areas in the tank are "new" for ALL of the fish. This will help prevent your established fish from attacking the new ones for invading their territory.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

704_Malawi_Cichlid_Tank_4.jpg (28kb)
 Close up on the multicolored Malawi mbuna cichlids

704_Malawi_Cichlid_Tank_3.jpg (27kb)
Close up on a beautiful "Red Top" 

Photos taken by Chris & Kari Bond and displayed here with their permission.

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