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November '06

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Photos & Descriptions

611_Discus_Tank_4c.jpg (46kb)

Cleciano Diniz's 220 L Discus Tank. (Brazil)

611_Discus_Tank_4d.jpg (36kb)

Lance Foong's 400 L Discus Tank. (Singapore)

611_Discus_Tank_4b.jpg (31kb)

Anderson Grossi's 240 L Discus Tank. (Brazil)

611_Discus_Tank_4e.jpg (36kb)

Sergio Amador's 240 L Discus Tank. (Portugal)

611_Discus_Tank_4a.jpg (36kb)

Eduardo Aguilar's 200 L Discus Tank. (Brazil)

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Photos taken by their respective owners and displayed here with their permission.

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