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November '06

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November '06 - Altino Knopp's 200 L Discus Tank. (Brazil)

Owner:Altino Knopp, 48, from Porto Alegre, Brasil.
Setup:May 2004.
Dimensions:100x40x50 cm.
Volume: 200 L (nominal), 175 (effective).
Filtration:Canister Resun AE 308 (900 L/h).
Lighting:6x30 W fluorescent: 2x Aquaglo, 1x Sunglo, 1x Resun blue, 1x Resun white 10000 K, on between 8:00 and 19:00.
Substrate:1 kg treated earthworm compost, 2 kg laterite, 2x100 g Azoo Condensed Basic Fertilizer.
Heating:Tetra 250 W.
Water:Temp 27C, pH 6.6.
Maintenance:I change 30% per week. I use deionized water filter by a tap water purifier. I only add tap water conditioner.
Fauna:5 discus, serpaes, rummy noses, pristellas, and a few others.
Flora:Just common plants: higros, bananas e others.

I've been an aquarist since 1987 and I've started and deactivated this tank several times. Soon after the last setup in May 2004 I had several problems with excess phosphate, where I had to redo it all removing all the plants that were covered in algae. I did a lot of water changes, decreased the photoperiod, until I finally got things right. Maybe because I don't have many plants I haven't used fertilizers, in fact, whenever I've used fertilization I've had algae problems. The biggest problem I have right now is brush algae, but I have it under control. I've had the 5 discus for 7 months and they're looking very good.

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Photos taken by Altino Knopp and displayed here with his permission.

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