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November '06

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Photos & Descriptions

611_Discus_Tank_1a.jpg (33kb)

November '06 - Jocemir's 300 L Discus Tank. (Brazil)

Owner:Jocemir, from São José dos Campos, Brazil.
Setup:November 2004.
Dimensions:100x48x60 cm (bowfront).
Volume: 300 L (nominal).
Filtration:Millennium 3000 + Fluval 204 with ceramics and wool.
Lighting:2x95 W VHO + 30 W Aquaglo, 10 h/day (with timer).
Substrate:Laterite + treated earthworm compost + fine gravel.
Others:CO2 injection with 2 kg cylinder + Azoo diffusor, 10 h/day (solenoid/timer).
Fauna:Blue Diamond Discus, Cobalt Blue Discus, Marlboro Red Discus, Cardinals Tetras, Red Phantom Tetras.
Flora:Glossostigma, Anubias nana, Echinodorus tenellus and a few others.

The tank in the photos was setup in November 2004, but I've had the Discus since 2002/2003. Two couples have already formed, one of Cobalt Blues and another of Blue Diamonds. There have been 8 spawns in this tank, but the smaller fish (Cardinals and Red Phantoms) eat everything. I've had one successful spawn in a separate tank. As for feeding, I offer Tetra Colorbits twice a day.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

611_Discus_Tank_1b.jpg (47kb)

611_Discus_Tank_1b.jpg (68kb)

Photos taken by Jocemir and displayed here with his permission.

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