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September '06

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September '06 - Community Collection II

This month we're going to counter-balance the highly specialized setups we've been showing this year, with a set of 5 nicely setup - and nicely photographed - planted community tanks. We also add a new country to our international collection in this section: Latvia. Enjoy! :-)

609_Community_Tank_Darrell_1.jpg (43kb)

Darrell Stephens's 340 L Community Tank. (USA)

"This planted 90G is my first freshwater tank. I have been doing saltwater reef tanks for 5-6 years. It has a variety of stem plants. It has way too many fish: emperor tetras, bleeding heart tetras, rummy nose tetras, SAE, dwarf flame gouramies, Bolivian rams, rainbows, and 4 giant danios that have been in the water since day one."

609_Community_Tank_Katrina_1.jpg (43kb)

Katarina Putninja's 300 L Community Aquarium. (Latvia)

"I visit your site every day. I read the materials and follow the tank contest. I like your site, but don't have a possibility to participate in the forum because of my English. It will be an honor for me to appear in the Tank of the Month contest. In the future I hope to reach the natural balance, and expect my aquaria will run independently, regarding the plants and fish products relation. I think it's possible to make a beautiful planted aquaria which doesn't need CO2 injection, using only a fish/plant quantity balance."

609_Community_Tank_Cynthia_1.jpg (33kb)

Cynthia Dayco's 140 L Community Aquarium. (Philippines)

"This is my third but only tank now. I was inspired by an Amazon tank that ADA US made. It wasn't crammed with stem plants, didn't need that much pruning, wasn't carpeted with riccia (which I couldn't grow without CO2 injection). It was refreshingly simple. When I set it up it was filled with stem plants, to help fight the algae. But when the Thai stricta grew too fast, too tall, out it went. I replaced it with Ludwigia repens, but when that started getting messy, I realized that it was time to return my original plan. So I uprooted all the stem plants. Thankfully, the Sagittaria subulata started to kick in."

"This is still work in progress. I just installed a pressured C02 system and am working out the kinks. The anubias aren't taking the CO2 and the bright lights too well. But I like the relatively clean look that my tank has now."

"Right now there's an overstocking situation. As I said, this is the third tank. Initially, it only had the angels and the harlequins - they were color-coordinated! But one day we had a power surge and one of my canister filters died, I was forced to put the fish in the other tanks into this one. They seem to be doing fine, for now. The dwarf gouramis are the kings of the tank, having overthrown the angels. The shrimps are my favorite. I always get a kick out of watching them steal food from the cories. But rest assured, I'll sort out of the overstocking problem soon. Well, that's it. Hope you like it."

609_Community_Tank_Adam_1.jpg (47kb)

Adam Aronson's 75 L Community Aquarium. (USA)

609_Community_Tank_Michael_1.jpg (44kb)

Michael Cai's 60 L Community Aquarium. (Singapore)

"This is a 60x30 cm tank. I designed it to have a forest look. The whole tank has a dense and messy feel, but it looks very natural. This is also a budget setup, only two varieties of plants."

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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