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June '06

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June '06 - 8th Anniversary Super Special!

Here we are completing 8 years uninterrupted in this section, which is by far the longest living and most successful Tank of the Month promotion in the world, in any language. Since submissions continue flowing in at an astonishing rate, it's time to celebrate by showing a selection of 50 submitted tanks as honorable mentions. Note that if you submitted a really outstanding tank and it doesn't appear here, it is probably still under consideration as a future Tank of the Month. Thanks to all!

606jassar1.jpg (54kb) 606petermann1.jpg (34kb)
Al Haitham Jassar - 30 liters - Jordan. Alexandre Petermann - 290 liters - Brazil.

606pires1.jpg (35kb) 606balagopal1.jpg (44kb)
Adriano Pires - 70 liters - Brazil. Arun Balagopal - 100 liters - India.

606verschoren1.jpg (28kb) 606miller1.jpg (31kb)
Björn Verschoren - 90 liters - Belgium. Bruno Miller - 120 liters - Brazil.

606bakan1.jpg (45kb) 606walker1.jpg (34kb)
Can Bakan - 350 liters - Turkey. Charlie Walker - 300 liters - USA.

606groff1.jpg (21kb) 606costa1.jpg (29kb)
Chris Groff - 200 liters - USA. Clézio Costa - 27 liters - Brazil.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.
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