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February '06

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Photos & Descriptions

February '06 - Looong Aquariums: 4 tanks over 150 cm long!

Aquariums with more than 150 cm are dream tanks for any aquarist who fancy their favorite fishes happily swimming from end to end, but realized only by those few who have the available space and can afford the high initial and maintenance costs. In addition, long tanks also have a special challenge in terms of creating an interesting layout. So here are 4 examples to help you out in case you're getting ready to enter the selective club of hobbyists who own such tanks!

602_Long_Tank_1.jpg (30kb)

Justin Fox´s 240 cm Long Aquarium. (Australia)

602_Long_Tank_2.jpg (27kb)
Older photo showing full aquarium and stand view and open cabinets

602_Long_Tank_3.jpg (23kb)

Jim Hutson´s 185 cm Long Aquarium. (USA)

American standard 125 G (185x48x60 cm), Magnum H.O.T. 250 with the output hooked to a UV Sterilizer, 320 Watts full spectrum fluorescent lighting, CO2 injection with a JBJ Regulator setup, fertilizer twice a week. Substrate is 40 kg of Hartz pH5 kitty litter covered by 50 kg of silica sand.

602_Long_Tank_4.jpg (36kb)
Full aquarium and stand view

602_Long_Tank_5.jpg (31kb)

Dan Scott´s 185 cm Long Aquarium. (USA)

American standard 125 G (185x48x60 cm), 2x175 Watts metal halide 6500 K and 1x55 Watts power compact lighting (12 hours per day), Eheim canister filter with Fluval biomax and foam pads, Seachem Flourite substrate mixed with natural gravel, no CO2 injection. Population: 3 Discus, 7 neon rainbows, 23 black neon tetras, 6 SAE, 15 algae eating shrimp, 1 upside down cat, 4 cories, 10 otocinclus. Weekly water changes of 15-20% and plant trimming.

602_Long_Tank_6.jpg (51kb)
Detail of the central area

602_Long_Tank_7.jpg (40kb)

Trichsai´s 160 cm Long Aquarium. (Vietnam)

Custom 160x60x70 cm (670 L), 4x40 W fluorescent lighting. Started December 2004, photographed May 2005.

602_Long_Tank_8.jpg (58kb)
Older photo showing diagonal view from right side

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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