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September '05

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September '05 - Steve Lavington's 200 L Amazon Aquarium. (England)

Owner:Steve Lavington, 37, from Godalming (England), 12 years of fishkeeping.
Dimensions:90x45x50 cm.
Volume:200 liters (nominal).
Filtration:External canister filter Prime 20 Plus.
Lighting:2x90 cm fluorescent tubes: 1 original tropical and 1 Triton.
Heating:Prime external in line heater 300 W.
Substrate:Silica sand about 5-8 cm deep, as it varies around the tank.
Decoration:Mainly bog wood with a few pebbles.
Others:Basic home made CO2 injection with a bubble counter, this provides just enough to keep the plants looking healthy.
Water:Temp 28°C, pH 6.8.
Maintenance:Water changes weekly of about 15%, filter checked and cleaned monthly.
Fauna:Bleeding heart tetras, various pencil fish, Neon tetras, Rams, humbug catfish among others.
Flora:Various hardy plants as I have never had huge success with the more delicate varieties, mainly as the fish seem to think they are a snack.
Comments:This setup was reconstructed after moving house 3 years ago. I like to keep things as simple as possible. I have in the past found that overcomplicating décor or the basic setup can cause more problems than the extra gadgets solve. I prefer to rely on water changes and efficient filtration to keep the tank at its best. I am thinking about investing in a more professional CO2 setup and exploring new plant species.

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Photos taken by Steve Lavington and displayed here with his permission.
 Tank 1   Tank 2   Tank 3   Tank 4 

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