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September '05

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September '05 - Andreas Dall's 530 Liter Amazon Aquarium. (Denmark)

Owner:Andreas Ubbe Dall, 15, from Copenhagen (Denmark), 4 years of fishkeeping.
Setup:August 2003.
Dimensions:160x55x60 cm.
Volume: 530 liters (nominal).
Filtration:Lac 809 1200 L/h, Jebo 325 1000 L/h.
Lighting:2x54 Watts fluorescent.
Heating:200 Watts Resun.
Substrate:About 5 cm fine sand and a few larger grains here and there.
Decoration:A large piece of wood (about 130 cm) and some lavarock.
Others:CO2 injector.
Water:Temp. 28C; pH 6.8
Maintenance:25% water change each week, with water that has been conditioned (pH and temp) so it is perfect to put in the aquarium.
Fauna:12 Symphysodon discus, 20 Corydoras metae, 50 Neon Tetras.
Flora:Anubias barteri "nana", Anubias sp., Amazon Swordplants, Vallisneria.
Comments:I'm 15 and have now had aquariums for about 4 years, so you can say I got an early start at the hobby. I've kept quite a lot of fish to the day. But my interest has become caught by the South and Central American cichlids.

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Photos taken by Andreas Dall and displayed here with his permission.
 Tank 1   Tank 2   Tank 3   Tank 4 

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