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September '05

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September '05 - Amazon Aquariums!

As aquarists evolve in the hobby, they normally feel the need to go beyond the common "fish salad" of a community tank, and try to give their setups a more well defined theme. This is the basis of the theme aquariums - that try to keep most species at least within the same continent or general region, and of the biotope aquariums - that take a step further and try to reproduce as best as possible an environment and population that could actually be found if diving in a given natural body of water.

This month's special exemplifies with 4 beautiful tanks the Amazon "Theme" - fishes and plants mostly originating from the equatorial and tropical regions of South America. These are normally well planted tanks featuring species such as Echinodorus spp. and making extensive use of driftwood, which gives the water a characteristic yellowish tint. The population is formed by elegant "focal" fish like Discus, Angels and Rams, contrasted with feisty shoals of Tetras and Cories, and complemented by an occasional Loricarid (pleco) and/or other more rare/exotic species.

I am very interested in featuring more theme and biotope aquariums in this section...from now on such submissions will receive higher priority when selecting tanks each month! And since we're on the subject, our recently created Brazilian Aquascaping Society (SOBRAPA) will be promoting an international aquascaping contest and, besides the traditional categories of free aquascaping, will feature a special category on biotope aquariums! The contest is already open to submissions to submissions from all over the world - send in your tank and show the world your pride and joy...whether it's "themed" or not! :-)

Tank 1 Tank 2
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Anabela Azevedo - 300 L - Portugal
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Andreas Dall - 530 L - Denmark
Tank 3 Tank 4
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Steve Lavington - 200 L - England
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Adriano Fleck - 150 L - Brazil

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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